Welcome to MakerBot
Do I need to have a MakerBot.com account and a Thingiverse account to create a MakerBot account?

No. We can use either your Thingiverse or MakerBot.com sign-in information to create your MakerBot account.

I have separate emails for my MakerBot.com and Thingiverse accounts. Do I have to use both?

No. You'll only have to remember one easy username and password combination whenever you log into either site.

If I've registered for Thingiverse before, do I have to do it again?
If I've registered for MakerBot.com before, do I have to do it again?

No, you can use your existing sign-in information to create your new MakerBot account.

Why do I need a MakerBot account?

Your MakerBot account makes registering for and logging into Makerbot.com and Thingiverse.com as simple and easy as possible. Now you only have one username and password to remember, so you can spend more time enjoying all the benefits of the MakerBot 3D Ecosystem.